Ibanez SA160 QMAM Reviews 4

I acquired this guitar at my local guitarstore for 650 bucks.

Nearly everything. I can get a killer sound out of this piece of eqiupment and it's very playable.

In rare occations the guitar lacks a bit tone and sound when you hit the higest notes. This isn't much but if you you are playing a slow solo in this area it won't match a Prs, Gibson etc. (offcourse)

Very, very nice. I've only had one problem with this guitar when the humbucker suddenly came loose. I tightened a screw and it was fixed. Otherwise the craftmanship is indisputable.

I've played guitar for a while now (years) and I've owned this guitar for a little over a year now... Therefore I ain't writing this review in a frenzy of joy (as many others do). In spite of that I really adore this guitar and I've never regretted my purchase! I'm very realistic about not having bougt a Prs or such but in its pricerange this guitar is absolutely recomendable. Performing on stage, knowing that it looks like a 3500$ guitar and sounds like a 1300$, is very satisfying. This is a guitar I will own for the rest of my life and stille be playing occasionally even after purchasing a Prs. If it was stolen I would offcourse buy a new one.

Heavyhenning rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-09.

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