Ibanez SA160QMAM Reviews 5

This guitar was at a small independent dealer's shop and its striking appearance drew you to it. A woman that had it for a couple of weeks had traded it in on a short scale Samick bass, and I traded an old Charvel bass and a small amount of cash for it. (Her bad, my good!)

The beautiful amber quilted maple finish will catch your eye first. It's super thin and light, and the body of the guitar fits against your body like a glove. The Wizard neck makes riffs effortless and about 1/8 faster than I could play on my 335. The pickups are really hot and sound great through my Digitech RP300.

The tremolo bar doesn't screw in, so you have to sticky it up so it doesn't fall out. Ibanez should have produced this particular color with gold hardware. (I plan on doing this myself.) They should have also used matching quilted maple on the headstock.

Quilted maple over tapered mahogony, with a beautiful amber finish is very eye catching. The size of this guitar is small compared to traditional electrics and it feels like it weighs less than 7 lbs. The Wizard neck is very comfortable and the action is fast and smooth.

I've never been a big fan of Ibanez guitars and would have never ever considered purchasing one. The SA160QMAM has totally converted me and now I can't imagine playing anything else.

Steve rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-22.

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