Ibanez SA160QMTG Reviews 5

I bought this guitar at Long and McQuade, for about 700 Canadian.

This guitar has great tone, I love the single coil pickups a the neck and middle, and the humbucker at the bridge...I can't get enough of, it gives it a great hard rock sound. It is a very well built guitar, the finish is great, it kind of looks like it's on fire, but the fire is grey. It also has very accessable volume and tone knobs. I also haven't had to tune it yet since I first got it!

I can't find anything that I don't like about this guitar.

Very well built, everything is of very high quality.

Great Guitar, well worth what I paid for it. If you are seriously looking into getting one, GET IT!

Colin rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-04.

...I bought this guitar at a shop called Read Franklin & Heywood in Bury UK. I payed 300sterling for it. Which is around $330 US. I did a part-x for my Epiphone SG so paying 100serling cash and giving my SG to the shop was a great deal...

...The stunning looks of this guitar caught my eye straight away. The grey grain added to the body is one of a kind. And is a perfect mix of a Super Strat and a PRS...The neck has a beautiful feel to the hand and looks fanastic all round...Stays tuned in well and the whammy bar is the perfect length for my hand positions...1 humbucker and 2 single coils is a great combination giving a great sound for any Genre...The electronics side of the guitar is as fantastic as the looks and playing side too!!!

...It's hard to think of downers for this guitar..All I can think of is you cant see what level the tone and volume switches are set at, as they have no markings on them...Some people who have played a similar guitar say that when they are sturmming away their hands knock the volume switch down, But i havent experienced these problems yet...

*- Great look! *- Brilliant Electronics! *- Fantastic Pickups and strings supplied! *- Plays nicer than a budget guitar! *- Whammy bar is perfect and easy setup!

...Plays fantastic through any type of effect or amp (even a tranny). No feedback and is perfect for any type of player and any type of music...

Danny Collins rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-08.

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