Ibanez SZ520 Quilted Blue Reviews 5

Well I bought my sz520 about three weeks ago from C&M Music Center in (mandeville,La). I paid about $450 for it but we all know how taxes are.

This guitar is awsome. Ive been playin on ibanez gitars for about five years now and this model is like nothing ive ever imagined from Ibanez. When I play it clean its like Paul Reed Smith but with some hard gain its a pure metal monster. Mine is in quilted blue and it is as beautiful as can be. The thickness of the neck is almost the same as a les paul. I love everything about it. Even the fact that there are no dot inlays on the frets.

There is completely nothing that I dont like about this guitar.

The sz520 was built rugged and professionally. Every thing from its beautiful quilt top to its set in neck construction.

The bottom line is: If you cant afford an prs guitar then go with the sz520.

Jared Revere rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-20.

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