Ibanez Universe 777BK Reviews 5

I found her at a local music store USED for $900.00 Canadian. The previous owner had too much money & not enough brain cells. Sold back to the same music store after playing it in his pajamas for 2 years. Not a scratch.

Killer construction. Tone for miles.

It's almost too nice to take to gig. I'm always lookin' over my shoulder to check if anybody has stolen it. Gotta insure it.

It's one of Ibanez's flagship guitars. Made in Japan. The body, neck and headstock bound in albalone. P/U's are DiMarzio's. The neck is not too wide for a 7 string.

I would have never been able to afford a guitar like this had it been new. I'm pretty dam lucky!! It's a fine piece of guitar craftsmanship.

Toshi Takahashi rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-29.

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