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Looking for a new guitar other than my Les Paul,my Ibanez X series,my Araia pro II. Walked into a little music store just down the street from where I live. Now out of buisiness. I seen my BABY FROM ACROSS THE ROOM. When I first laid eyes on her I new that she was the one for me. Did"nt even know it was used or so inexpensive,until I was ready to walk out the door and she cought my eye,and so she was mine. $350.00 out the door with a hard case extra strings and A strap. Best deal I ever ran into.

Well where does one begin; I have a fairly small hand so the width of the neck is almost A must.<like most other Ibanez I've owned or picked up.>My Silver Cadet did'nt come with many extras but I guess I can'nt complain. She hardly ever go's out of tune. My Silver Cadet is the litest guitar I have ever picked up. And to still have the awsome tone she has it's just increditabal. Not to mention the harmonics that seem to scream out craftsmanship. the five way pickup selector let's me go from warm and clean, to high and dirty. where the crafter's dicided to put the output jack is nice for mine, but some time's I would like it on the back.But Ican't change that can I.

There Is'nt much that I don't like about my Baby, but sence you ask. The action isn't the best Ibanez has to ofer, but it's not bad. <IF it were any differnt she would'nt be the same. now would she.> I would like a locking nut and a fine tuner but than again she's such a fine piece she don't need that really ether.

Maple neck with 21 fret rosewood fingerboard. Chrome hard ware actsent's the lovely half nude fairy with sparkling blue wings and translucent black negligee, at her side there is a smiling crescent moon. All on top of A high black satin gloss. Three single coil pickup's and five way switching. Good solid sound and design. lite weight and durable. I take my baby back and fourth to prackice every weekend for the last five years and she looks and plays like she did when I frist purchased her.

I have had this guitar for the better of nine years I think if she were any different I would'nt enjoy her company at all. Every one that has the privilage of playing my Sliver Cadet by Ibanez has complimented me on the playability and the excellent craftmanship. Has been one fine envistment for sure. IBANEZ THE ULTIMITE EXSPERSION IN CRAFTMANSHIP. I LOVE THIS GUITAR.!!!

Patrick H Brennan rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-25.

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