Ibanez C4 Chorus Flanger Reviews 1

I wanted something that I can use to imitate the trademark KoRn guitar sounds. So I read a bit on this site and it got pretty good review, I guess it should because Korn themselves use the thing.

Very durable and reliable, But I'm not one to be jumping on my pedals like a punk retard.The unit is made of a medal, i think aluminum or steel alloy, but I'm not too sure. Looks nice and will last a long time.

not much, you should probably buy the power supply though.

Very, Very well done, I like the look of an feel of it, Worth your money, certainly

Great sound, Great reliability, and obviously a great way to spend your money. Best of all it is basicly the trademark korn sound everyone LOVES!!:)

Death Metal Revolutionist rated this unit 1 on 2003-11-25.

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