Ibanez DE7 Delay Pedal Reviews 4

Netherlands regular guitar store $120,-

This Delay pedal has a long delay function and good adjustability. it is also quite sturdy. The delayed sound doesnt deform no matter how long the delay lasts, or how many timese it is repeated.

like all delay pedals it consumes energy like crazy.

It has retractable pot meters that prevent then from shifting while you play, and has a dry out for stereo effects. Where the pot meters look rather fragile the are actuly pretty sturdy and when retracted practicly indestuctable.

Where this is a pretty good Delay pedal it will suffice most of your demands. there are better pedals on the market, i.e. the Boss DD9, but at its price its unbeatable.

Martijn Hoekstra rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-10.

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