Ibanez FZ-7 Fuzz Pedal Reviews 5

I bought it from a guitar website for $50. I needed a good fuzz pedal that didn't sound more like a regular distortion pedal just with some low tone.

I was very surprised by this pedal, mainly that Ibanez made it, I had to think about buyin it or not because Ibanez makes it. I bought it and I am happy that I did, it is an awesome fuzz pedal. It even has a damage switch, which I think is pretty stupid, but it has 0%, 10%, and 100%. It sounds best at 0%, but 100% damage is cool, it sounds like a real broken speaker. Oh yeah, you can push the knobs down once you get them where you like it, that is good so if you hit the knobs by mistake, which you can't because they go into the pedal, you won't change your sound.

I can't complain, as long as I can get a good tone out of it.

Built ok, not built as good as a Boss pedal, but it is good.

Buy it if you are lookin for a good fuzz pedal, you will be amazed by that it was built by Ibanez.

Insert name here _______________ rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-05.

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