Ibanez SH-7 '7th Heaven' Distortion Petal Reviews 4

I found this distortion petal after a long time of looking in Lakeland Music, in Brandon, Mississippi for about $80.

This heavy metal distortion petal, designed for 7 string guitars and low tunings, has very thick, mean and loud distortion. There is two types-- a 7 string fuzzy sonding type distortion, and a less loud but much meaner Mudvayne style distortion. This petal was designed for 7 strings, like i said, but can be used for 6 strings as well. It sounds realy good on my de-tuned guitar.

You somtimes have to tap the petal a couple times to work, and that can get kinda annoying, but thats only happend a couple times. Also, when palm muting, it doesnt have that 'chunk' that i really crave for. But if you set the controls right (thats right, there are four, and they all lock down so they stay where they were-- pretty sweet!) it will sound much better.

The petal is very sturdy, and its been keeping together pretty well after all the times ive stomped on it. I think its made out of metal.

Overall, great distortion with a few flaws.

Steve-O rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-01.

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