Ibanez SH7 - 7th Heaven Distortion Reviews 2

I bought this stomp-box from Mainstreet Music (Greensborough, Victoria, Aus) and paid $230 AUS for it.

It has a switchable noise gate which stops all noise when you stop making it! no hum when you're not playing!

The BAD thing about this pedal is that it's almost like a Synth-distortion. By this I mean that it doesn't seem to simply turn up the volume of your raw signal to distort it. It seems that it grabs the raw signal, identifies the pitch and then sends out a totally different signal! It is really hopless at palm muting (forget power metal on this pedal!) possibly good for a Korn/Sevendust sound, but a really yuk sound and little control over contour.

It'd be unbreakable. Built as strong as a BOSS pedal I recon. Looks like powder-coated stainless steel or something? plastic knobs which press INTO the pedal. Hard to describe, check out 'TONE-LOK' style pedals at your local music store, you'll see.

I use this primarily as a bass distortion. I really don't like its sound on guitars, others might, but personally it's not for me. (kinda lousy as a bass distortion too.)

Bainesy rated this unit 2 on 2002-12-17.

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