Ibanez TS7 Tone Lok Overdrive Reviews 4

This petal has a gray pot metal case, and knobs that push in to lock your setting. This is supposedly to 'protect your settings' but personally I think it is just a gimmick to sell a cheaper pedal.

I got this pedal through musicians friend on one of there 20% off sales so it wound up being free. I only threw it in the cart cause it cost less than the ammount I saved and wanted to try it. I believe list price is $39

It is a pretty straight forward OD effect. You can get some good useable tones out of it. For the money its a good beginner effects pedal, probably not something to gig with though. It has a selector switch that cut in a boost function that is supposed to make it sound like the TS9. While the boost is ok it does not make it sound like the TS9.

Pretty cheap made I dont think the switch will hold up long term and the pots feel really weak and cheap. But for $39 it does the job.

Construction quality as I have mentioned is cheap. Probably hold up better than behringer pedals but only cause the case is metal.

Over all it is not a bad pedal. It can produce some good tones which is really the bottom line when it comes to effects. Construction quality could be better but then it would probably cost more. If you want to get a decent overdrive with a metal case on the cheap buy it. If you want something that will last for years spend more money and get a higher end pedal.

jasonled75 rated this unit 3 on 2010-10-09.

I bought it at Guitar Center For 20 Bux Used, cant beat the price

The sound, The Knobs go in to prevent ur friends from breaking them, and it is built better than a tank too. oh and also the hot switch allows you to go from cool and clean to raging hot.

i cant think of anything it could be easier to turn it on but i did buy mine used so i dont know.

great construction built well i love the click in knobs.

over great course i got A GREAT PRICE

Joe Faty rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-13.

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