Ibanez Thrashmetal TM5 Reviews 4

Purchased used, from a music shop in New York for $28.00

Easily adjustable, 3 knobs for Level, Tone, and Distortion. Nice heavy raspy Death Metal Distortion. Runs off 1 9 volt battery, and has a socket for a 9 volt transformer (negative tip). The unit already had a battery in it when I purchased the unit. No telling how long it was in there, and it was still fresh!

If you set the Level knob past the half-way mark, produces lots of feedback/amp noise.

The body is heavy black plastic, with a metal bottom plate. The plate has non-slip rubber on it. 3 knobs, 1 for level, 1 for Tone, 1 for Distortion. 1 Red LED to indicate power on. Input, Output, and DC sockets marked. Battery is replaceable from the top of the unit, with no screwdriver needed.

Excellent Distortion pedal! I only wish I could max it out without producing all the feedback and static! I don't know how much these pedals go for new, but it was well worth my 30 bux!

Lancer[RSG] rated this unit 4 on 2002-01-04.

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