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I bought this at Catwalk Music in Erie, Pa. as a Value Package(picks, gig bag, x-tra strings) for $99.99. I wanted a cheap acoustic to monkey around with.

It has a nice glossy finish. Tuners are o.k. It pretty much stays in tune after playing on it a few weeks.(Steel strings)

What I didn't like about the Scout was the incredibly high action on the strings. Maybe for slide guitar or playing the drums. The neck seemed pretty well straight, so I lowered the bridge some by sanding a little off the bottom. I still think it needs to lower though, but that's just me.

It has good construction for a low costing guitar. I mean it's not falling apart or anything. The side finish does have some small runs in it though(hard to notice unless your really looking). Also, the pick guard was peeling off some, so I went ahead and took all the way off, and cleaned off the glue.

The bottom line: If your looking for an inexspenive guitar for beginner or child, and don't want to spend alot, Indiana Scout would be a good choice.

Dan Walters rated this unit 3 on 2004-05-11.

Hey,OK i know they are kinda cheap but they do hold together good. i bought mine for $189.99 and I've had it for 2 years. i bought it at a local pawn shop that carried 40 guitar(30-40) that weren't in good shape. so for this to be bought there would mean it was crappy it's glossy finish and its nice color was what got me hooked. also the sound is really good.

it's glossy finish and its nice color was what got me hooked, also the sound is really good. I say it's one of the best Acoustic Seiries out there. Good for intermediate players.

I don't really like the Tunig key because they are always loose but thats the only thing that i think is wrong with it.

Well youve heard my thoughts on this guitar, but mine doesn't really matter now does it. go out nad buy one for your self to see how good/bad it is.

Egghead rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-27.

i brought this at a local music store for $100.

Even though the tuning keys are pretty cheap they stay in tune very good. I also like the finish. It is very glossy and it looks like a mirror on the back.

The lamenated sruce top is kinda crappy. If it had a solid spruce top it would sound awesome. It honestly sounds a little but like a piano. It also had terribly high action but the truss rod was adjusted properly. I did some handi work with a file and now the action is nice and low like a washburn acoustic.


If your going to get a cheap starter guitar i wouldn't reccomend it. Get a washburn d10 instead. The d10 has nice tuners and a solid spruce top.

cinnamon stix rated this unit 2 on 2004-03-08.

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