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I play in my home studio. I played guitar in a few bands. Mostly hard stuff. For the past year and half or so, I have been into playing bass for the most part. I like the new fretless Italia bass that was just announced. I wonder if they will bring their prices down since these guitars are made in Korea.

I purchased my bass off Ebay from some store/school in the midwest somewhere. (I forget specifically where it came from.) It was in mint condition. I think I payed $295.

I like this bass alot. It has a nice sound plugged in. Piezo pick up in the bridge. Awesome. Fingerboard has that solid Korean feel. Bass is well built. Cheesy metal plate name tags on body of bass and headstock. But I don't mind. The weight is good. Solid tuners. I ripped out the strap button by accident. Replaced it with Dunlop straplocks and a shim.

Fingerboard feels like a Korean fingerboard. It has a flat radius which stresses the fingers wore than a radiused fretboard. Fingerboard feels a little plasticy. Like the Dearmond or certain Epiphones.

Quality is very good. Design is sweet. Feels like it can withstand the abuse of a touring musician.

I hope to get the Italia Imola Fretless Bass when it comes to America. Italia is sometimes slow in the distribution arena. I emailed them about a month ago asking if they were going to make a fretless. Amazingly they returned my email letting me know in broken english that they were makig the Imola Bass with a fretless option. Rock on Italy.

Italia is rockin Astoria, NY rated this unit 5 on 2007-01-12.

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