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Purchased On Ebay for around 400 with a gig bag

Very Nicely made strat style with a fat strat (two single coils and a bouble humbucker). This is finished is in nagahyde with a metal flake pick gaurd and headstock, very cool looking. The sound is very clean with a 5 way switch that presents many sound options all of which are very useable. Tremlo is very clean and does not throw the strings out even when medium diving repeatedly. It's not a floyd rose but for rock surf country, easy body through re-string. Gotu tuners make this the most stable of my current harem and the one I go to when I don't want to be out of tune. I own an SG, Les Paul, prs soapbbar, gretsch rok jet and just sold my 72 american made strat. Play through a hot rodded fender tube champ at home and a Benson 350 50 watt tube for jamming and live. Through the benson it sounds better than the prs and way better than the american made strat it now has replaced. nuff said?

This guitar was a real suprise although it is very clean sounding. Just run it through a lovetone big cheese or turbo rat and it screams. Only thing I can think of the gig bag ripped out, oh well

Great read above

Italia guitars are very cool looking and sound fantastic great value

notorious1 rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-09.

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