Italia Rimini 12 string Reviews 4

Banannas at Large, San Rafael, CA $425.00

I immediately liked the weight of the guitar. It seemed pretty light to me. I've been playing this guitar for a month now, and find it very comfortalbe to handle. The neck is fast and has a good width. Unlike another review I had read, I like that there are not any toggles on the body. You choose the blend of the pickups and tone from the two volume, and one tone knob. I don't find this a hinderence at all. In fact I've thought that more guitars should go this route. The guitar sounds really nice though my Fender Princton amp, but I bet would even be better from a nice tube amp. It looks great as well.

The headstock is a little tricky to restring but once I do it a couple of more times, I'm sure I will get quicker with it.

As far as buiding specks, I'm not exactally sure about the particulars, but I know what I like. I like the feel of the body, very thin and light. I used to play a Les Paul which I found uncomforably heavy.

I've been very happy with this guitar and most importantly, I feel inspired to play it. It plays well up the neck and the action is surprisingly light for a 12 string. I've never heard of Italia before owning this guitar, but after an hour or so in the store and the last thirty days of owning it, I'm a fan.

Chuck rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-18.

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