J and D C36S Reviews 4

I am a casual/hobbyist guitar player. I'm a fan of classic rock, blues and heavy metal.

I bought this guitar for $299 two years ago.

First of all, the sound of this guitar is simply great. It has a good warm and thick sound which makes it great for rock music. Its mahogany body is probably the reason why. Nothing wrong with the tuners. It stays in tune even if left untouched. (even if it doesn't, it is nothing a screwdriver can't solve.) It looks pretty good too. I like the gloss finish and its natural colour.

There is nothing I don't like about it.

Body Top: Solid E. Spruce Top; Body Side: Mahogany; Body Back: Mahogany; Neck: Nayto with Rosewood Center Binding: BK Multi at Top The body construction is completely perfect. The gloss finish is nicely done and I can still see my face in it after two years of playing it. The frets might need some cleaning once in a while as it accumulates some dirt.

It is a great guitar worth your money, for beginners and advance players alike. It warm and thick sounds makes it good for playing classic rock, blues and jazz.

William Chen the geek rated this unit 4 on 2007-02-23.

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