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I bought this ax at the piano shop (australia) for AUD$400. So that's about $220 ameriacan. At the time, I was really into KoRn and the seven string also had so many more possibilities to work with. Of corse, being 13 at the time I couldn't afford a good Ibanez, so I just got this cheap beginner because it was cheap and it looked like the one that Head (KoRn) plays on tour.

Ok, where to start. Firstly the Material. The body, I think is made from Some plastic material. Same shit at skateboard wheels are made of. A cheap guitar so I don't expect mahogany or anything but it's pretty nice. Paintjob. Love that paint job. Sparkling silver that fades to black on the edges. Doesn't chip easily and doesn't show fingerprints much. Looks great, sounds great for the price and everything works pretty well. neck is ibanez style, nice and smooth and fast. Love it. Whammy won't set it out of tune, maybe if you get a gloyd rose style, they are pretty bad for keeping tune (my friend has one)

What I don't like. Firstly, the first thing I found out was the nut, crappy nut. If you buy this guitar you will find that the nut prubally won't hold a good thick non sloppy string... file it down before you put a thicker one in. I didn't and the outer edge snapped off. I glued it back n and filed it wider and havn't had a problem but just a warning. Pick-ups. What can you expect from a cheap guitar but cheap pick-ups. Always replaceable though so don't worry. Tuning. Tuning is reasonably good, goes slightly out in a gig bag, but keeps pretty well, You might consider getting new machine heads for it. Finally, the fretwork could do with a bit more work and maybe better frets. They just aren't smooth to go over, not too bad but not too good.

The quality is good, havn't had many problems, I'm replacing some things when I get the money but otherwise it is a beautiful guitar with all the things a beginner needs. If your thinking of seven string but don't want to dish out $1000 for an ibanez or something. Try this, it has everything you need.

I love it, it's my main axe. I also have a squire strat but that's on it's way to heaven. So I use this one for most gigs. I recomend it for anyone who wants to try a seven as A beginner. Not the best but you only get what you pay for.

lachlan rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-30.

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