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Well, paid 5800 rubles in russia, equal to 190$... Strat copy, s-s-h. 2 tone and 1 volume, 5positions pickup selector.

Well, I've expected much worse. It's made of wood, ash, many ppl think that ash is worse that alder but man I've heard J&D alder guits and they sound a lil' worse(maybe not because of wood)... Sound is just very good, bridge is good(only one string corroded, is was a f**kin' bad string)

In the beginning I disliked its look... I wanted a black guitar and this one is natural non-painted guit instead... But I got used to it, adn it's good as you can see that it's made of WOOD, no some shit FLIGHTs, STAGGs and PHILs are made of.

Well, the construction is good, when I opened it up and looked in it I realized that ppl really put effort here in J&D, as everything was damn good... The color... Got used and now I like its look. If you want details then www.jandd-guitars.com and go to ST3ARD you'll see it... my one is the white one,But my one has non-painted neck and its top is not black but white, the wood seems a lil'l darker on my one.

Well, for its price I got a damn good guitar... Of course it's not a Gibson studio(altrough some ppl said that if you'll replace the pickups you'll get a good american-level instrument)... But it's comparable to Ibanez RG370DX hehe...

Vile rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-18.

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