J. Reynolds 3/4 Size Bass Reviews 5

I got this bass at a local music store for $150. I was intrieged by the sound and playability of it. So I bought it.

I love the sound, it has a warm rich, but real punhy tone, like a bass should have. the price wasn't bad either.I've been playing for four years now, and i own a Musicman,and a fender Jazz bass, but this bass is playe djust as much as those.

Well, the action is real low, and i've raised it as much as I can, but it still is really low for my taste. Along with that, there is quite a bit of fret buzz when playing on the E-string. but besides that, nothing!

The quality of this bass is great. The solid maple neck did bow up after about six months, but I losened the trus rod a little bit and its been fine ever since. I replaced the pickups, the factory pickups were getting alittle "muddy" after 3 years, but now it sounds great.

This is a great bass for anyone. I would never of dreamed of buying an "off brand" bass, until I played this one and loved it. Its a great bass for the beginner, or the experienced bassist needing a great sound/playing guitar for the studio or stage.

Mitch rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-29.

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