JBL EON Power 15 Reviews 5

Purchased two of em' for about $369.00 each at Guitar Center

Overall good sound,lightweight,their ability to CRANK. You can also plug a mic directly into one and use it as a stand-alone P.A. system (not nearly as good of sound as with a mixer however). It is also impossible to overheat these things due their cool cooling system(the entire front baffle is the heat sink)

A little bass shy, will respond to E.Q.. Using a crossover along with a subwoofer (or 2) will greatly increase their performance.

Good, strong enclosure that will stand up to nightly gigging.

These speaker's rock for DJing!! I use mine with a Rane crossover and two Yorkville PS-110P powered subwoofers(which if you read their review, you know they rock!). The EON's sound awesome and when combined with the subwoofer's, my system beats out speakers costing thousands more! It's impossible to find a better self-contained loudspeaker in this price range.....

Public Sound rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-21.

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