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I walked into Percy's Music store in High Wycombe with a sizeable wad of cash in my wallet. I planned to spend up to about 800 quid and walk out with a guitar... With that plan in mind I asked to try out a 7-string Jackson and lo and behold they had a nice shiny red one, with a chunk taken out of the headstock. I sat down and played it for a little bit, annoying the hell out of the poor lady looking at pianos with her little pre-pubescent kid, and ten minutes later walked out of the store with the DR7. It's normally 700 (100 quid per string!) but thanks to that bung in the headstock I had it for 240. Happy me. :)

I was suprized at how similar it was to a 6-string Jackson. It's reasonably easy to play, and sits pretty nicely on your lap if you're in a chair, so for studio recordings etc. it's a definite goer. Looks pretty swank too, but practical. It's a nice clean, simple guitar without too much stuff to mess around with. All the tuning pegs are on one side of the (slightly broken) headstock, which is not something I guess you'd take into consideration when first checking out a guitar but hell, you tune the thing every time you play it don't you? I quite like having all my knobs in a nice row to play with. Uhhh... heh.

It's a heavy bugger! In particular - top heavy, so live I'd be a little worried about it getting uncomfortable after a few songs. The stock pickups (Duncan Design thingies) aren't all that great but aren't all stock pickups shoddy? The neck is quite thick, but such 'tis for a 7-string, and at 25.5' you have to have reasonably neanderthal hands to tackle it. The one I got is a kinda sparkly red colour and considering I'm in a metal band not a Coke commercial it doesn't really suit. But hey - when you're bitching about the colour doesn't that show it's a pretty orright guitar?

Very chunky made! I don't my lil baby suffering any more injuries down the line, and considering there's no floating tremelo etc and a nice thick neck I have a feeling it's not going to end up out of wack any time soon...

This is the part where I explain that my other dozen guitars are all porsches and rattle off a list all the different pieces of electrical doo-daa I plan to plug this guitar into, hopefully confusing you all to the point where you think I'm more techy guy than Korn fan so you all take me seriously right? Well I wont! This guitar is penis-extension enough as it is, and I bought it purely 'cause it's nice to play and value for the price. If you see one lying around your local guitar shop for a decent price, knock a chunk out of the headstock when no-one's looking... Well worth it. ;)

Will Dayble rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-08.

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