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I bought this when I was on vocation at some well hidden kind of back alley music store. I got it a little cheaper than it would normally cost cause the store was getting rid of all their jackson guitars.

1st of all I really liked the way it looked, the body, and the jackson headstock looks really cool. when I brought it home then plugged it in my friends Ibanez smash box then in my Marshall 100 watts amp, I was completely blown away by its sound. This is an Extremely heavy riffing guitar, and an outstanding solo guitar. The detonator pickups really does the trick.. With its fast neck and "screaming" sound it is perfect for soloing. The harmonics are cool too, you can make the guitar scream like a b*tch. Another thing I was really happy about was the quality.. This guitar is built for ruff treatment. When you pick it up you just want to smash it on the wall cause you know it'll come out as good as new... But don't.. Also the the Tremolo does a really good job keeping the strings in tune.

I really cant find anything bad about this guitar.. wait...........no... hold on. Ok theres one thing that tends to get a little annoying. It takes forever to re-string it. And to tune all 6 strings with the floyd rose licensed tremolo takes a long time. Make someone else change them:) .Just make sure you buy long lasting strings for this one.

Like I said. The quality is really good. this guitar will take a beating, but dont even think about it, cause it'll beat you up.

A really good guitar. I'd recommend it to all the metal/powermetal/heavymetal players.

Mrdriller! rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-27.

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