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i bought it second hand in very good condition - in fact i only had to change the old strings and the volume potenciometer why i bay it - i m fan of Dave Mustaine from Megadeth (of course on Randy Roads too) and i always wanted to play V type guitar it look too heavy metal on stage and i see the jelous in the eyes of other guitarist hehe paid 800 dm

like the smooth feel of fingerboard the good heavy metal tone hay dude if u play blues dont bay this beast or as in my case bay more then one guitar This is HEAVY METAL WEAPON! at first i thing to replease the pick ups with active jacson one the originals are DUncan designed 103 b my friend told me not to do that now i now he was right i learn that same type use George Lynge so if they r perfect for him - he is god isnot he!- then they r good enough for me. im lookin for Jacson active cirquit if some one have one for sale- droop me email

The guitar is god - i like everything about it my only complaint is the this guitar can only be played in Stand up positionwhich is obvious oh and the flyod rose is not stabil when u use it a lot it may go out of tune

the fingerboard is right color is black pickups r fine if u r Metal head go and bay one

long live Heavy Metal with this guitar u r in heaven play like a dream ,sound very agressive too look cool i dreamed 2- 3 months to bay this guitar she was at local store but i havent got all the money needed then i won from the lotarry - not a big money, but enough - and emediately bay it. i m happy it it! thats it i can give it 5 becouse i didnt play all brands in the world - like PRS but it comprares wit my JEM ,REB BEAch Model And Fender Strat

Tonyking rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-03.

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