Jackson King V 2 Pile Of Skulls Reviews 5

Internet Purchase, Guitar Xpress USA, www.guitarxpress.com It looked the dog's B******s, $1195.00 or 653.00 (The price included delivery to the uk & a deluxe case)

Well the graphics are very very nice. Then you put a strap on it & just let the baby HANG, the ballance is amazing to say the least (Most Flying V shapes are very top heavy.....NOT THIS ONE) The 24 fret's on black ebony finger board is a pleasure to feel, the mother of pearl inlays & Jackson logo make this guitar look & feel like it was made for Royalty. The through neck is surprisingly thin yet strong. There is a little attachment on the back of the head stock for your hex keys to sit so they are always at hand. The floyd rose original bridge is totally totally awesome & the Seymore Duncan pick-ups give you the edge over other guitars. This guitar has the tallest frets i have ever seen but in fairness it helps your playing become effortless.

There is nothing not to like.

Excellent, It has been in and out of the case on no less than 6 occasions with a lot of driving in between and i have only had to adjust the tuning a small amount.

This guitar will make you feel & sound like Mr King or Mr Hanneman in a matter of moments (subject to playing abillity) you will feel an urge to shred & shred & shred until your numb, sore & bleeding then you will want to shred some more. This guitar will make you feel like cocaine.

Blood Retch www.bloodretch.com rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-21.

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