Jackson PS 2t Reviews 5

I got it from a secondhand shop in South-Africa at a prise of R1200 ($170). I acquired it because it is made by and for the music i'm playing, Metal!!!! And the shape is just to cool for a guitar.

It's bad ass look and it's wammy!! But most of all is that it is the same guitar Metallica ues and they dont seem to have a problem with it! It is also a verry nice Guitar to play live with and hase a Nise sound to it.

It is uncomfortable to sit down and play and all its points it always in the way in a small room.

The guitar's neck and bridgh is very high quality. The volume and tone settings give you a wide range of choises to play with, Mose of all is its action! You dount get aney closer then that!

I like the Jackson for a lot of reasons, and i think you would too if you ever get the chance to play on one of them. So go out and look for one.

Thean rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-29.

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