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About 8 months ago I was really getting into the idea of playing guitar so I saved up $400 to buy a used guitar. Well being a little hasty and looking more for looks I ran across a PST3 2000 model on ebay and it looked incredible Rhandy rhoads V style with a dark red finish. I won the auction at $380 whichwas good considering list price and that it hadn't been used very much.

While it took me a while to understand some things like the floyd rose tremelo. I really like the overall guitar because of its features like: A smooth and thin neck, Floyd rose licensed tremelo, 3 way pickup switch, volume, 2 tone knobs,not to mention great overall playability and tone for the price, and a beautiful dark red finish (on my model).

The only things I probally don't like about this guitar is that it's not neck thru , and there's no binding but those are just luxuries.

After playing several different brands and inspecting the feel and quality I would have to say that this one not only had look but quality I didn't respect until I had tried other brands.

This is a great guitar for begginning or intermediate guitarists alike.

Lee Jackson rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-01.

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