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Second-hand, at a local music store. Paid $500 canadian, a brand new one of this model is worth around twice as much. I was looking for a 24-fret guitar, with a floyd type bridge and at least a humbucker and a single-coil. Found this one, which has become my main instrument. Korean made, 1996.

Nice, stubby neck good for pracitcally any playing style. Good pickups, bridging the humbucker with the middle single-coil gives a distinctive "pinchy" sound, which is excellent for simulating acoustic guitar sounds. This common pickup layout makes for a very versatile instrument. Jumbo frets very good for lead playing, and fairly good access to the upper (20-24) frets considering it's a bolt-on and stealth body shape.

The "licensed-under" floyd bridge that came on this guitar was a piece of -JUNK-, i replaced most of it (the baseplate, mounting posts, string blocks and screws, whammy bar...) with original Floyd-rose parts and now it's just awesome. The humbucker tends to give too much bass on the low strings.

Generally speaking, Jackson quality means good quality - except as i mentioned the "licensed-under" floyd-rose bridge imitations. Tuning heads and other mechanical parts very good quality, and nicely assembled electronics. Overall, the guitar's make and build is excellent.

A very good guitar. It required some modifications to be just right, but once they're made, this is my main instrument, and probably will be for years to come.

Éric rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-21.

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