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I was looking for a decent, alround guitar but also suitable for metal. I was prepared to pay rather much in order to find 'tht' guitar I was looking for. So i went to a musical instruments shop (I'm from Belgium btw) interested to go and check out a Hamer Centaura when I saw this beauty (the Jackson), quite expensive though and more then I expected: about 2000$. But my dad helped a little so I was able to buy it.

So why is it so special? First of all, I didnt know it was a special edition. I found out it was a limited 'player's choice-series'-guitar through the jackson/charvel forum. These guitars (other models than the dinky as well) feature the most wanted customshop requests. So my guitar looks kind of like this: complete flamed maple body with trans-black finish. bound ebony fretboard with sharkfin-inlays, 24 frets. Schaller made floyd rose 2 jackson single coils and a bill lawrence humbucker.

well, I replaced the BL humbucker with a seymour duncan SH6 distortion, since the BL sound was way to trebly, I didn't like it, others do though. I also replaced the neck pup by a seymour duncan cool rail, not that I dislike the jackson pups, they aren't that bad, but the output differences between sc and hb are way to big. But more to complain is the Floyd rose: 1.5 years ago I intonated the high E-string and when I wanted to lock it in the saddle, I must have tighten it a little too much and so I couldn't tighten it anymore. The screw kept spinning. I was told Schaller doesn't sell spare parts separately and if I was going to do something I had to replace it completely. Since I couldn't really afford it I would leave it like that as long as possible. But then last summer I had the opportunity to travel to the States and there (NY, 48th street) I bought a FR original for half the price they sell it here!! And guess what? It's also made by Schaller! hah! Conclusion: for that price they could use some quality harware!!

hmm well, see above! =)

Great guitar!! Some lack of info about the origines of the guitar (like what guitar is this : PCS = what, why, when...?) I thought it was so strange that a Jackson USA guitar had such 'cheap' (?) harware. First I thougt I was ripped off but now I know better. I like it very much, but it's a pitty that for that price you still have to replace 'shitty' harware

Bjorn Tytgat rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-04.

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