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Since I have my PCS Dinky, I'm Jackson crazy. My second guitar I ever bought was a PS3, the cheap RR version. But now, I was looking for a soloist. On a trip to Andorra (tax -free little princedom or so between Spain and France) I went to probably the only musicstore there. So I asked if they had USA Jackson's and they said 'Yes'. They had a SL1, a PC1 and a RR1 with the most beautiful lightning finish I'd ever seen. So I was sold and so was the guitar. I paid about 1750$ or so which is very cheap here in Europe for a Jackson USA

I've always wanted a RR1 with a lightning paint-job but I had never seen one here in Belgium. Not even a normal RR1. It really has the best LTG finish I've ever seen, even better than the ones they use in their catalogue. Incredible sustain (neck through body construction) Warm sound

???? well it needs a large, clumsy flightcase...

neck-through-body construction (maple neck with poplar body) 2 humbuckers (one SD Jazz neck and one TB4 neck pup which I replaced with a SD SH8 custom ) 22frets, 24 would have been nice though. original FR bound ebony fingeboard with sharfin-inlays. only thing negative is the wiring. when I try to switch pups it sometimes doesn't work

AMAZING!!!! I they weren't that expensive I would buy 'em all!!! But I must be satisfied with 'only' 2 Jackson USA's.

Bjorn Tytgat rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-04.

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