Jackson RR3 (black) Reviews 4

I got this in Cork,Ireland for 600 (too pricy). I wanted it ever since I saw it on a website. It looks fuckin A!

Right, from head to toe: Tuning pegs are stiff although it ts not really an issue (i.e locking tremolo), neck is fine and has a nice shape, fretboard should be binded because frets are not flush with the side of the fretboard(this is annoying), access to the 21st and 22nd frets is only ok, the body is easily chipped at the edges and is a burden to repair, the pickups are nice clean when gain is turned down and they really shine with lots of distorsion, the tremolo is really a disaster area. just get rid of it. The hardware is fine but the knobs are placed poorly.

Ok, maybe I'm being overly critical of this instrument by focusing too much on its downsides. But one major asset it does have is that its got balls! It has a character about it that just doesn't give a shit about anything except making your ears bleed. THAT is why I love it, and that is why I don't plan to part from it any time soon.

The construction is sound.

Although this guitar is flawed, I really enjoy playing it and recommend it to any mad man.

Geoff D rated this unit 4 on 2005-03-28.

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