Jackson RR3 EDS (2006 Model) Reviews 5

I have been playing guitar for about one and a half years.I play trash metal like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer etc. I am in a band playing the music i love so that's that!

I bought this guitar cause its amazing to look at!Just love the shape!! Also i needed some raw energy like the one this guitar gives out. Its a classic metal guitar, Randy was one of the best and so are his line of guitars!!! I bought it from Thomann Germany and payed 666 euros with free shipping.

This guitar rains armageddon!!!!! Its a fantastic shape with super finish and construction as expected from Jackson. I sort of accidentally hit it against a stool (punished myself for a long time)and the finish didnt even flinch!!! Nothing seriously! Speaking of the finish, the amazing EDS graphic i got is great!It has like a million different colors in it and it sorta changes depending on the light. Really stands out!!! The floyd rose(JT580) is suprisingly good because it was upgraded along with the 2006 model. It is really versatile and can stay in tune for weeks even after heavy tremolo abuse!!!Plus it looks F**KIING AMAZING with the new black hardware!!! Last, and this is what sold me the RR3, is that it comes with stock Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz humbuckers. The JB screams for high distortion leads and riffs and the Jazz gives you smooth cleans.One of the most frequently used passive pickup combinations.

Yeah,yeah i knowit's really hard to play while sitting...NOT!! I just slide the smaller fin between my legs and balance it on my right knee; absolutelly no problem.

Construction as said above: perfect. Quality is professional class. Jackson all the way!!!

I bought this guitar cause i loved it! It is the ultimate guitar for it's price range and uses some of the best parts you 'll get for around 700 Euro. I love and will personally ensure a slow, painful death to anyone who dares to steal or "hurt" it!

George rated this unit 5 on 2007-01-17.

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