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I got thsi guitar for Christmas in 2003 and i it was purchased at americanmusical.com

It is a really great guitar everything about it is grat quality i play heavy metal so its perfect for me.

it has Floyd Rose Hummbuckers and i can't figure out how to change the strings plz somebody helps me i broke one string and i dont know hpw to replace it

floyd rose sux if you dont know how to change strings

i need help soon

metalheadin destress rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-07.

Internet Purchase Guitar Express USA Because no else in Wales UK had one. $579.00 or 310.00 Guitar $100.00 or 53.00 Case $150.00 or 80.00 Delivery

When you tune this little baby to your style you can then dive bomb the locking trem all day long & it does not go out of tune (setting up the guitar after changing the original strings was a bit of a task but worth it in the long run) with the new design Floyd Rose you dont have to adjust the rear springs you set them & as long as you use the same gauge strings you should not have to play around with them too much this guitar also gives you the option of reverse stringing your guitar (D'Addario strings are the best for this as they have neat little coloured ball ends). The input jack is neatly hidden away & is a much better design than the previous metal inputs. The neck is amazing & effortless to play in fact sometimes it seems the guitar plays itself. The new Duncan design pick ups give an awesome amount of edge & clarity to your playing. The guitar has a well ballanced feel and is very comfortable to play for extended periods, the little cuts in the body provide a really good natural place for your strumming hand to fit and comes in handy when doing heavy palm mute or for double timing.

It does not come with a pro neck (reverse headstock)

Exceptional quality, real good construction.

If your in a punk band go buy another guitar If you feel that your pleasure is only satisfied by playing at 1000 mph then this is the axe for you. METAL GUITARIST NEED A JACKSON WARRIOR XT anything less is just not acceptable.

Blood Retch www.bloodretch.tk rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-22.

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