Jacobacci Peres et Fils B2 Reviews 4

Bought 14 Years ago 2nd hand for about 300$ (I don't really remember). I was sent by my Guitar professor which I guess like this one because it's french as he is... It's a quater volume guitar.

It's a real Jazzy guitar, and I guess the reason I like her, is partly because it's a special unit, and partly because I own her for quite a while... I would'nt sell her for a million years (even though I brought her sister - I hope she's not too offended - she'll always be my first). The bass are notable, and as I said it's mainly for Jazz. You hear her beauty mainly when you play with a good Amp (I have Fender Prinston USA 1977).

It's too Jazzy, not diverse

Strong built. It went through a lot untill I bought it, but still really precise.

I think I'm prejadice, but I really love her. For Jazz players only (even though I'm not)

Ziko rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-20.

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