Jay Turser JTA 68 Acoustic Guitar Reviews 4

I bought the guitar new at Encore Music, Albuquerque, New Mexcio,USA, $200.

This is the first J.T. acoustic that I have owned. Jay turser did a fantastic job with the looks of the guitar! The guitar is very well built. It's balanced. IT even has attractive trim around the body. Most important, however, is the sound. The tone is bright and crisp. I continue to find appealing timbres the more that I play it. It can be used for any style of music.

The sound is condensed. It could be a little "bigger." Other than that no complaints!

As mentioned, the construction is excellent. J.T. has built a solid, nice looking, acoustic guitar for under $300!

I'll keep this guitar for a long time. It's my third steel string acoustic, and is rapidly becoming my favorate. Thanks JAY TURSER!

Georg Cocron rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-11.

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