Jay Turser JTA-40CEQ Reviews 5

I bought this guitar from Sanatoga Music on Ebay for $150 delivered in the summer of 2003. I wanted a good acoustic/electric for a reasonable price and had heard good things about this model. I had no idea it would be anything near what it has turned out to be.

The finish is an absolutely breathtaking gloss blue. Forget the finish, though. The sound that comes out of this piece is straight from heaven. I have never heard an acoustic/electric with such a full, round sound and with the 4-band eq you can shape the sound in such an incredible range that it's almost frightening. It's like owning 5 great guitars for the price of half of a mediocre guitar.

I wish it had a second (top)strap button and a pickguard. I think I'll get over it though.

The setup from the dealer was horrible. Fret buzz was easily corrected with a few turns of the truss rod. The nut and saddle could be better, but the sound doesn't seem to suffer in the least. There was laquer overspray all over the binding and the nut. Kinda sloppy work, but it came right off. All minor points. It's built like a tank.

I own a number of high quality guitars and basses and this one is right up there with any of them. The sound both unplugged and plugged in is absolutely incredible. I'm still waiting for the cops to come and get me for stealing this thing. How Jay Turser and their dealers make any money is beyond me. Probably by paying the little Chinese kids $.35/hour to build these things, but they sure do nice work. You owe it to yourself to try a Turser. It's my second one and it surely won't be my last.

TheHands rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-07.

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