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I got this bass from a local music. i paied it around 300$ canadian without tax. when i saw the AMAZING finising of this bass i told the sales person that i wanted to tri it out. it sounded very good

i like the slim neck for very fast action and the finishing of the wood (transparent red so u kan see the wood but still red)And it looks just like the fender precision bass and the jay turser is just as heavy as it.

i didnt like the strings that were factory installed. it sems that the treble nob doesnt do anything. evrything else is graet for someone who is a biginner.

the construction was well made. the bolt on neck is very tight and finishing was very well made(alder wood)

very well made god elecronics(soofar) and nice finshing!!!

Alex Zucmaster rated this unit 4 on 2002-10-20.

I Bought this Bass at Green Shift music store in Tampa FL. Sticker Price was $200 I was looking for a new Bass and pretty much going to buy a Fender P Bass. This is a knock off of the P and I couldnt find any bad reviews online so for $200 I rolled the dice.

This Bass plays like a champ. Electronics are good and looks & feels just like the Fender. The fit & finish are very good and it's a light weight solid body guitar.

The strings it came with were not great but for $25 I set it up with a set of Dean Markley strings and now it rocks.

Overall quality is excellent for the price. no blemishes and very consistant color. tight fit neck to body.

Wonderful axe I was very suprised what Jay Turser is putting out for the money. I will definatly try some others & will post reviews when I do.

Peter V rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-24.

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