Jay Turser JTB-440 Reviews 5

I bought the JTB440 at a local music shop for $250

At first glance i fell completely in love with this bass. its such a beautiful bass. yet i was skeptical as to weather it sounded good or played well. so i pick it up, plug it in and you could say i was truely amazed. the fast action easy to play all maple neck. is probably one of the best ones ive played, and let me tell you ive played many basses, of many diffrent prices and many different brands. for the price you cant beat this bass. also it has a very uniquie sound. i cant get enough of how it sounds. it actually in my opinion sounds and plays just like an ernie ball musicman itself. you could say over all i was shocked, and most of all amazed by the beauty and sounds that come out of this bass.

Nothing! its really is a great bass for the money. and like i have seen in another review they said something along the lines of [get them now while they are cheap! why? beacuse Jay Turser makes such a great product. once more people discover this. the price is going to go up.] also i have heard a lot of people complain about how there isnt active pick ups. i think a lot of people get this bass mixed up with the stearling and the SUB series. id say this bass is more like the SUB series than the sterling. check out the erinie ball site for more info.

very nice lightweight poplar body just like the music man. poplar seems to be the new thing out on the market. i know a lot of drum manufactures use it. and it sounds great. all and all..this is a very structuraly sound bass. its set up very well..it has a nice solid neck..its just put together better than most low end units.

JUST GET ONE! you wont regret it..and even if you do..its not like you spend a ton of money on it. no word of a lie..this bass plays and sounds almost exactly like an musicman i know it sounds crazy..however its true. its uncanny how much alike they both play and sound so much alike. yes...the musicman..is a bit better obviously. however..if you want a music man sound and feel..for a fraction of the price..this is definatly the bass for you.

Jay Tursers THE MAN rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-02.

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