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This was the first bass I bought; I have been playing for a little bit over a year. I bought this bass for $230.00 or $260.00 at a CA House of Music.

The neck of this bass is spaced perfectly for a 5-String bass. The E-G Strings sound pretty good. Also, it stays in tune pretty well.

OK wow... this is going to take forever ok here we go: I did say the E-G stay in tune and sound pretty good; however, the B-String is not clear sounding and it does not stay in tune (so if u buy this u are basically getting a 4-string) I have a problem with the Knobs falling off (every 4-5 months i have to get that fixed). The Bolts that hold the guitar strap (both) fall out or come unscrewed (w/e) ummm one fell out so much i can't screw it back in... so i used super glue to keep it in haha. THIS is going to hard to explain bare with me... Ok where the amp cord goes a little round piece needs to be tighted up alot it gets loose... but when u tighten this, the connects inside get messed up and then the bass shorts out when ever the amp cord gets jiggles or moved whatever u want to call it. (this started happening six months after i bought it) i took it in, got it fixed, and then 3 months later it was back on course to being messed up again. Finally, umm 2 days ago i was playing my bass and it quit playing. I looked at the connections inside and well everything looked fine (even that one problem just mentioned), i checked my amp i plugged my acoustic in and it worked soo i guess its a whole new problem with the bass SO Currently my bass is not working.

I believe i said enough up above about the quality of the unit haha.

Like i said before, i play about 3 hours every day and i don't think 3hrs a day would cause this bass to fall apart. I believe it was just a poorly constructed bass. Its been a little over a year since i bought it and i am currently looking for a new bass.

AdamK rated this unit 1 on 2004-03-02.

Got this baby on Ebay for less than $200.00

I have had this bass for 3 hours and I cant stop playing it. The action is great the neck is the right width and the color is an awesome transblue. I would expect a bass like this to sell for over $400.00 If you are just starting on Bass or are loking to dive into the realm of the 5 string I would reccomend this bass.

I dont like the fact that the JAY TURSER logo is on the body of the bass. I've tried to take it of using SoftScrub but that hasnt't worked. So I'll put a sticker over it when I play out. It is a little light, 20-22 lbs, but I would rather have it this way.

Bolt on neck to solid wood body. The body is a litle small but its not a big deal. Definately need to change strings because there is a funky angle with the low "B" string near the tuning hardware.

Bottom line is BUY IT. If your looking for a 5 string bass but dont have a ton of spare cash you can't go wrong. Its a basic 5 string and if ya want to change pick=ups or the bridge it looks easy enough to do, but I dont plan on changing anything execpt the strings.

WessMan rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-10.

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