Jay Turser JTB-900 Reviews 3

I bought this one from a local music store. It ran me $350 Canadian. Pretty reasonable for such a unit. It's quite difficult to find now, as Jay Turser has discontinued it.

I really like the P and J style pick ups it comes with. They really allow for a wide range for tones, making it good for any style of music. It has a great look too (mine is transparent blue with a black headstock and gold hardware). Easy to make adustments in the truss rod, action and intonation.

With new strings, it has some trouble staying in tune, but after the stings have a chance to stretch, it isn't a problem. Also, it has too much fret buzz on the first 2 frets when it is de-tuned (I used to have it tuned to D, but no longer). This isn't a problem with E tuning.

It's well built, comfortable to play, and (like all Jay Turser instruments) is easy to carry around by the top horn (must be its centre of gravity or something). The bridge seems a little flimsy, however.

A good bass for beginners or as a back up, but those with more experience would be better served by a higher grade instrument. It gets the job done, but others do it better.

Davey Havoc rated this unit 3 on 2003-03-11.

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