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It's red and white, and I had sold my old 'Santa Claus' bass and needed another one for the holiday season.

It didn't hafta sound great cuz I hate Xmas music anyway. I figgered this was a cool choice cuz the shape was familiar [I have real StingRays as well] and it only cost $50.

It's red with a white oval PG, so it looks like Santa Claus with a maple stick stuck into his scull [did I mention my dislike for Xmas music ?]. Also it was verrrry cheap used, so lack of resale value is another thing I like about it ... since I am not its first owner. It's a very cool ax to bring along if you are hosting a blues jam, as it encourages jammers to bring their own damnt bass next week !

Some StingRay copies have cool MM features like the MM-type truss rod wheel, the 'chrome banana' control plate, or decent tone. This has none of those but it only cost $50. It seems to have a helium loaded body, as the neck is not larger than normal yet it's a serious neck diver.

It's got a 'fancy top' under trans red, which is not really a top but a veneer. It was delievered with a 2+2 tuner arrangement designed so that the owner can unscrew and swing one of the keys to the other side, to get the 3+1 MM-style look. That works well. The coolest thing is that it has two tone controls that both do the same thing. Both are identical passive tone pots. It's reassuring to know I've got 'failsafe' redundancy of this critical component.

It's a dawgie dew ax. I'm rating it a '1', based on it's possible potential if heavily modded. If you need a Santa Claus bass for the holidays, just make one out of cardboard and put some gift wrap paper or a Santa Claus mask on it. Did I mention that I really hate Xmas songs ? Oh, good.

Golem rated this unit 1 on 2010-07-22.

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