John Hornby Skewes Dobro Copy Reviews 3

Spruce top, probably laminated, but I can't get clear view of edge, rosewood fingerboard, rest of woodwork mahogany, aluminium spider and cone under chromed steel grille. Natural top and brown stained back, sides and neck. Terrific rich twangy tone, suits my rocky voice well. Bottom end got slightly fuller than usual for a dobro after a hole got knocked in the side.However, it has served me well for years of unplugged performances and general practice. Feel has deteriorated a little, but still sounds good enough to be a pleasure to play. Gets used for unplugged rock and a bit of blues and country. Being a dobro, it is very good for slide playing.

Bought new in 1985 for 120 (top end of budget pricing back then). Ever since The Kinks' Lola I wanted to have a guitar that sounded like that one day, and this does.

The excellent tone was the main attraction. the build quality seems to be pretty good, too. It has had some bad accidents without smashing.

the action seems higher now than it was, probably due to the accidental damage it has withstood.

This guitar has had several nasty bangs, and the neck has shifted slightly, so the action is not as good as when new, and dobros are supposed to have high actions anyway. Otherwise, it is well enough made, and very good for the price. The chrome plating is starting to corrode a little, and I have recently upgraded the tuners.

Dave Rotherham rated this unit 3 on 2011-10-22.

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