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I have been playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar for 46 years, occassionally gigging aas a solo (The Bard Rocks) or in an Irish band (Valley Bog Plyers), but I also play in song circles several times a week. I play folk, blues, bluegrass, gospel, old time country, sea songs, etc + I write a few myself whien so moved.

It was custom made for me ($2850) by the maker. I had seen and played one of his guitars and just loved it. When I found out I could have one custom-made for the same price, I could not resist.

Beautifully made by hand out of woods that I chose myself (with John's assistance at every step), it is indeed striking in appearance and nearly perfect in construction. It has long sustain, deep and warm bass and the sounds continue "just right" up the neck. Very response to fingerstyle, not to hard playing witih a pick.

It is not a good one to whale on. The fingerboard does not quite perfectly contact the upper bout top, though it is quite stable.

Beautifully made, by hand, with great thought given to each step of the way, including what you cannot see, the insides. Wood was carefully selected for appearance, tone, and stability and carefully coordinated to looki as well as sound right for me. The inlay is not quite ornate, but with the Irish motifs, can be considered unusual without being the least bit odd.

John is a great guy to work with. Why would anyone spend this kind of money for a manufactured unit, and get less of an instrument? The obvious answer is that they never thought of having one made for them - I am glad that I thought of it!

Roland Vinyard rated this unit 5 on 2006-04-06.

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