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A freind of mine picked up a Johnson 998R Bell Brass Resonator Guitar in Ottawa, Canada a year or two ago. Ever since I had a chance to play it, I've wanted one. These guitars are distributed by and can be purchased over the internet. I paid $409 plus $25 US for UPS shipping.

The guitar appeared with the UPS man seven days after it was ordered - the packaging was excellent - and customer service at MandalayMusic is also impeccable. This guitar is truly a gorgeous instrument. It has a beautiful tone much like, if not better than, that of the National Steel, but at a much lower price. The intonation and setup were fine right out of the box. Anybody who's into slide playing should really pick one of these babies up. A good slide and an open G tuning is instant heaven.

I honestly can't find fault with this instrument.

The quality of construction appears excellent. The 998R model has a beauty of a nickel-plated bell brass body, a mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard.

The bottom line is that this guitar just can't be beat. If I could afford a National Steel, I wouldn't bother. I'd rather play with my Johnson all day long!

JohnnyMojohnson rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-29.

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