Johnson JG-610-Bl Reviews 5

I got this at a steal of 55 buckaroos on Ebay. What? Jealous?

Wow! I didn't expect this, eh? I didn't want to drag around my Alvarez acoustic, so I bought this to mistreat and abuse. I really didn't expect the bastard to sound just as good as my 200 something dollar guitar. And when I bring it to class, it's no slouch compared to the other 300+ dollars guitars that are there.

Some people would complain about the action. But if you've been playing for more than a month, than this guitar won't feel all that bad. Go and sand the bridge down if it's so bad, you whiner.

Well, it's blue. What can I say? How many blue acoustics do you see around town? Not many, and my schoolmates were sure to support that. I can't say the wood texture looks all that great, but hey, if ya wanna be a cheapskate and still sound good.

Alright, my score reflects the guitar w/ its price. So don't expect this 5-star guitar to blow away your friend's thousand dollar Martin. But I highly recommend it for a first or even second guitar. If someone steals this baby, I'm gonna track them down, kick their butt, take their wallet, and go buy myself a higher end johnson. Until then...

Sonny da Gheetarist rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-28.

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