Johnson JG-620 Acoustic / Electric Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar from Aztec Guitars on line It was shipped to me UPS and with case was $179.00

The Johnson Guitar offers lots of performance for an affordable price. I do worship music at my church, and the durabilty and design of the guitar are a perfect fit. The electronics by far are the best in the price range. Fret action is clean and the guitar is well built. I like the fact that alot of beginning guitar players can buy a truly great guitar and a truly great price. The people at the company were great to work with as well.

It has a unkwon name, so in the world of big ego music people, status is everything. Functionally, though, it does well.

The quality again shines as long as compared to price. The guitar is well framed and solid in design. It offers a well structured fret board for playing ease and tone quality. The electronics are easily reached.

This is the best guitar in it's price rabge for the money. Pound for pound, nothing gets close

Best guitar at best value rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-23.

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