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I got this guitar from Victor Litz for 100 bucks, I traded in my old squier bullet and amp for it used. I wanted an acoustic becuase i was starting a guitar class and it's much more convenient and i already had and eletric and wanted to have something to strum some Howie Day, Goo Goo Dolls and other bands that use acoustics becuase it sounds better then using your eletric.

I like this guitar's crisp sound and it has very nice sound, and it produces a very powerful sound. It also seems to stay in tune very good.

there are a couple of things that really tick me off abuot this guitar... 1 the frets are crap, i could of put them on myself and done ab etter job... fretboard isn't nice and i see some cracks where the frets were put into the neck, the frets themselves are crap. cheaply put together and didn't put effort into it making it. neck needs alot of work and bridge is way to high.

the frets suck and they overhang part of the neck so that hwen i'm playing they prick and rub against mpointer finger leaving it all scratched up... not deeply scratched but dried and rough... The bridge on it is to high aswell but i guess that some sanding on that would take care of it. The thing i'm not sure about is that i didn't buy this guitar new, so what might of happened is that store i bought it from replaced some frets leaving them all shitty n pricky n shit... so i would recommend goin out and playing 1 at the store before buying it, and definatly not buying one online.

This guitar is definitely a beginners guitar, and not to bad of one at that. i really wouldn't recommend this guitar to anyone who has any experience playing guitar. i don't like to spend alot on guitars but i seriously wish i spent the extra 50 or 100 bucks to get an ibanez or takamine. dont get me wrong this guitar sounds very nice but there's alot of little things that need to be made alot better. you can tell its been put together really cheaply and without much effort. playing other name brand guitars like epiphone or fender all put the important parts of the guitar together well and the most important part of a guitar is its neck and how its layed out and if its comfortable. so all in all if you know how to play and your looking for an acoustic just spend the extra 50 bucks on a better guitar, i know many people dont want to but right now i'm really pissed becuase i'm goin 2 end up buying another 1 anyway and it'll cost like 200 or 150 so all i did was waist money and time on buying this guitar and if i sell it it's price will be about half of what it cost so i lost more money then i would if i bought a name brand guitar like ibanez, or takamine. so just spend the extra bucks for a guitar that will be worth it.

Brutallyhonest774 rated this unit 3 on 2003-02-15.

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