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I wanted a new guitar because all i had was a classical and i needed some more umph. I acquired this guitar at an online site for the price of 219$. It was a good deal and its a nice thin body.

It's nice and light because of its thin body. I haven't been able to hook it up to a huge amp yet but the electronics on it work fine. If you want a big sound though go for the dreadnaught. I plugged it into my computer and it gave me perfect sound though and records great.

not much, except the finish is easily smeared with fingerprints because its black. I should have bought the natural. The eq wasn't aligned parralel with the two sides of the guitar, just barely though. Maybe a MM off.

It has a normal steel string neck calibration. It has a 4-eq which helps out alot when tinkering. Its head isn't stupid looking and the tuning never gives in. It is strong built. I know. While playing it at an event my strap gave out(strap was old) and my guitar fell about 4 feet but there were no battle wounds.

This is a great guitar for slumming around the house or if you do small gigs and you need a good rythm guitar. There is something in the fret board that makes my fingers wanna jump for joy. Its defently a keep. It will be your pal forever.

DippyDawg70 rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-02.

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