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I got this guitar from, which is based in Phoenix,Arizona. I got it because some of my friends and I recently started up a celtic band and we thought that a twelve string guitar would be a great addition to the band. We sure were right! I had been looking for months for an inexspensive twelve string guitar and it looked for a while like I was going to have to spend around four hundred dollars. I spent hours searching all over the place for the prefect guitar. Then, I found out about Music Brokers and Johnson and the great prices they had. I was delighted to find that didn't have to pay half as much as I thought I would but I was still wondering about the quality of the guitar. One-Hundred-Forty Dollars seemed too good to be true. When the guitar arrived, however, all my worries were gone. I had never seen a better guitar.

It's a beautiful guitar with an exellent sound. I have never heard a guitar sound better. It is very well built and extremly pleasant to look at, play and listen to. Also, you won't find a better price anywhere.

If I play it very hard I can sometimes hear a buzzing sound but that is common in most guitars. Other than that this guitar is flawless.

All I can say is that it is very well constructed with an exellent sound-box and fret-board.

This is the best guitar I have ever played and I have never seen a better price for this quality guitar. Even if I was offered a three thousand dollar guitar for free I'd stick to my Johnson. This is an exellent guitar for beginers and more experienced players.

Maximilian Belcher rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-18.

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